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Our Mission

We hope to share many of the classics as well as a range of new and exciting flavours.

About Us

Who we are

Cooramook Produce is our family business, started as a farm in Grassmere, on Cooramook Road.

Run by owners Michael and Tatiana- a husband and wife duo- it is an eclectic mix of Australian and Romanian flavours, plus many more. 

We have a strong interest in foraging, farming and experimenting with food as well as a passion for sharing our knowledge.


We like to be a little different 

At the foundation, we're a lot like other local businesses. We create our products with care, and pride ourselves on quality ingredients. We know no nasty preservatives go into our products or produce.

While we'll always have our classic jams and chutneys, we also try to bring something different to our community. That's why we're constantly trialing sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan preserves and baked goods.

We're inspired by our European roots and are dedicated to creating and selling (and sampling of course) our nostalgic and unique favourites.

Very thankfully, we are surrounded by many more cultures, and we love to incorporate all sorts of flavours and cuisines in our products.

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What we do

Where do we start?

We dabble in a few things. While preserves are the largest part of our business our humble heart lies within our fresh produce and honey.

Our lovely farm has more crops than ever, a few bee hives- oh, and some sheep!

Aside from preserves and produce, we also have a range of vegan aiolis, corn meal, and wheat flour as well as our freshly baked cakes, tarts, biscuits, and fudges.

We like the thought of our products being produced 'farm-to-plate.' This means the fresh fruit and veg we put in our preserves likely show up at the market to sell too. All of our seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, and year-round garlic are spray free and grown with a lot of care. We really think you can taste the difference!

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