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Rosey Bee's Knees

A bright floral cocktail with a nice caramelly honey flavour. This spin-off of the classic bees knees is a little more complex but still has the characteristic sweet and sour flavour- and a lovely honey-induced foam. We are always a little surprised that we get such a froth without having to use egg whites. It's one of our favourite parts about making this one.

If you like sweet and sour cocktails, this one's for you. The signature rich/ resinous honey and lemon pep with some added floral notes. This cocktail is really an all year, all-rounder. Because of its complex flavour, it works quite well as a mocktail.

A cocktail for those who like sweet and sour drinks.

If this cocktail is a little too sweet for you, you can easily add some soda water to dilute. We recommend reducing the lemon juice to 1/2 shot when doing this though. The sweetness of this cocktail offsets quite a lot of sour flavour. This goes for the mocktail version too.

That being said, if you like it a little tangier, then don't worry about changing the existing ratios. You do you!

For a vegan version of this cocktail, you could try using our False Acacia Jelly which has an uncanny resemblance to honey in texture. It creates less of a foam, but if you shake it.. a lot, you can get a little bit of froth to form.

It's a more fruity/floral flavour- not really anything like honey taste-wise 😛... but still very delicious.


- 1 shot of vodka/ gin (we wouldn't complain if you put two in this one 😉)

- 1 shot of honey syrup (we like using 1:2 honey to water ratio for our honey as it is quite strong)*see notes

- 1 shot of rose petal syrup

- 1 shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice

- dried edible rose petals for garnish


  1. Add a few large ice cubes to a cocktail shaker.

  2. Add in your gin, honey syrup, rosepetal syrup and lemon juice.

  3. Close your shaker and give the cocktail a vigorous shake for around 30 seconds.

  4. Serve up in a chilled glass- we like a nice coupe so that the foam can really have its moment to shine.

  5. Enjoy!

(*6 tag us in your cocktail creations- we love to see it!)


  • We make our honey syrup in a cup with some kettle-boiled water. Really quick and mess-free, no pots or pans to clean.

Watch us making it here:

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