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Spiced Plum Jam Cocktail

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A rich and fruity cocktail made with plum jam! A delicious spiced cocktail with rich fruity flavours and a subtle citrus zing. Another great way to use a very versatile ingredient: plum jam.

There is something fun about trailing recipes that use ingredients in a slightly unconventional way because you can find ways of using ingredients you have in your pantry for new and different things. Not only can you eat your plum jam on toast or put it in your baking, you can also use it in your drinks too.

Our plum jam is sweet and tart and has a rich fruity flavour that is enhanced by vanilla pod, which makes it easy to tie in different syrups and alcohols for a more complex and balanced flavour. Plums already have such a versatile flavour that goes with lots of spices and other fruits so it was only natural it was one of our first trials for a preserve cocktail.

This cocktail is a topic of contention in our family as there are two variations to the recipe. We either use just a spiced rum or we use a white rum paired with a spiced syrup but we're not sure if it's better with light rum or dark rum.

The spiced rum cocktail is full-bodied, seemingly sweeter, and easier to prepare since no spiced syrup needs to be made.

But the white rum cocktail is lighter and really lets the vanilla and citrus notes shine through. The spiced flavour is a bit of an afterthought though.

Regardless of which one we like better, we still think both are winners.

We would love to hear your opinions about the difference if you do try both variations.

For a mocktail version, try shaking up the jam with a 1/2 shot of vanilla syrup and 1/2 shot of spiced syrup, and similarly top up with soda water.

Ingredients from our store:

Printable download:

Spiced plum jam
Download PDF • 102KB



- 1 White Rum or spiced dark rum

- 1/2 shot Spiced Syrup (if using white rum) *see our recipe here

- 1/2 Shot of Vanilla Vodka

- 1 Heaped tbs of Plum Jam

- Top up with soda

- Lemon slices to garnish (the zingier the better we used our really fragrant/tough-skinned Eureka variety)


  1. Add your choice of rum as well as vanilla vodka, and plum jam to a shaker with some ice.

  2. Vigorously shake to ensure the jam emulsifies in the alcohol.

  3. Prepare a glass with ice and a few slices of lemon.

  4. Strain shaken mixture using a sieve to remove larger lumps of jam.

  5. Top up to the top with soda water.

  6. Enjoy!

Watch us make it here:

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